Food Recovery Partners

The Reporting and Recordkeeping Platform for California Food Recovery Partners
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A cloud-based system created for food banks, grocery stores and supermarkets, food warehouses, and food service companies—designed to simplify compliance with SB1383, California's organics recycling regulations.

Food Recovery
Compliance: Simplified
SB1383 introduced an expansive regulatory system for organics recycling in California, particularly for those donating and distributing edible food. Program compliance requires a robust, fully integrated system capable of meeting multiple challenges. FoodRecoveryCA is the vehicle that meets those challenges with ease and efficiency.
Effective Management
Donors and recipients of edible food must now formalize their relationships and report the quantities of food donated and distributed. 1383-STATS provides the forms, tools, and data storage solution for managing these tasks. For agencies and companies with multiple locations, activity and compliance can be monitored from a central dashboard.
Recordkeeping and Reporting
1383-STATS serves as the foundation of the compliance strategy for companies and agencies subject to SB1383. The system enables the storage and retrieval of required documents, simplifies the recording of food quantities transferred and received, and automatically delivers data to cities and counties in which donors and recipients are located.

Data Sharing
Cost-effective compliance with SB1383 demands a platform that facilitates data sharing. 1383-STATS simplifies the sharing of food quantity data among food donors, transporters, and distributors, and eliminates the need for duplicate recordkeeping by these partners.
A New Regulatory Environment

Generators of excess edible food—such as supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, and food warehouses—have been sustaining food banks in California for many years. SB1383 introduced regulations that require these donors and recipients to formalize and document their relationships, record the quantities of food transferred between parties, and make that information available to the cities and counties where they are located. This legislation also requires cities and counties to maintain lists of edible-food donors and recipients in their jurisdictions and plan for adequate food-recovery capacity within their jurisdictions.

Meeting the Challenge

1383-STATS provides an efficient and effective mechanism to facilitate the cooperation and communication required to comply with SB1383.
For edible-food generators, such as supermarkets and grocery stores, FoodRecoveryCA offers a low-cost option for reporting and tracking the quantities of food donated.
For food banks, pantries, and other non-profit organizations that distribute food, FoodRecoveryCA provided a no-cost method of meeting the requirements of SB1383.

About 1383-STATS

This service was created to provide those agencies, organizations, and companies subject to California's SB1383 regulations with a convenient and efficient platform for meeting their recordkeeping and reporting requirements specified in the regulations. It facilitates communication and data sharing among stakeholders and includes features for storing both data and documents.

1383-STATS does not sell or attempt to monitize any user data or identifying information. We may occasionally publish aggregated information such as the number of users of a certain type, the total amount of food waste recovered by our users, or the tons of GHG emissions saved by our users.

A few of the key features are:

  • All data and files are stored in a secure data center in Southern California. This facility employs military-grade security and 24/7 on-site monitoring.
  • All files are backed-up multiple times each day
  • All data and documents entered into or uploaded to 1383-STATS are the property of the user who entered or uploaded those data and documents. 1383-STATS functions as a custodian of those data and documents on behalf of our users.
  • 1383-STATS was developed and is owned by MDM Analytics, Inc.

About MDM Analytics, Inc.

MDM Analytics, Inc. is a California corporation based in Nevada County, California. For more than twenty years, we have been providing services and creating innovative data management solutions for cities, counties, organizations, and companies involved in recycling and waste management. We can be contacted at