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An SB1383 Compliance Tool for Food Recovery Organizations, Food Banks, and Edible Food Distributors
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Our compliance platform - 1383-STATS - provides a no-cost recordkeeping and reporting solution for non-profit food recovery organizations and services. Easily record quantities of food received, register with your host city or county, and exchange information with your partnered generators.

Food Distribution

Simplify Your Compliance With SB1383

Easily Record and Report Food Donations

Manage Contracts With Partners

Automatically Register With Your Host City or County
Who Are My Partners?
SB1383 identifies two tiers of generators that must recover, rather than dispose of edible food and establish formal agreements with food recovery organizations:
Tier 1
  • Large grocery stores and supermarkets
  • Food distributors
  • Wholesale food vendors
Tier 2
  • Restaurants with more than 249 seats or 4,999 sq.ft.
  • Hotels with food facilities and more than 199 rooms
  • Health facilities with food service and more than 99 beds
  • Large venues and events with food service
  • State facility cafeterias with more than 249 seats or 4,999 sq.ft.
What Are the Requirements?
1Formalize your relationships and recordkeeping.
  • Establish agreements or contracts with the generators from which you will be receiving food
  • Keep a list of the names and contact info for these generators
  • Keep records of the quantities of food you receive from each generator
2Report to Your host city or county

Annual quantity of food received: Although the requlations don't specifically require this, city and counties need that information so they will probably ask for it or require it through a local ordinance or other mechanism.

3Determine your food recovery capacity

Cities and counties must ensure that there is adequate local capacity to distribute the edible food that will be available. So, you will be contacted to provide that information.

How Do I Comply?
Our recordkeepong and reporting platform, 1383-STATS includes an easy-to-use section specifically for food recovery organizations. The benefits of using 1383-STATS incude:
  • Each registered organization will automatically appear on the list of its host city or county
  • The organization can enter all of the information required by its host city or county
  • The quantities of food received from each generator can be recorded, summarized, and reported
  • If your generators report the quantities of food provided to you, those quantities will automatically be added to your record
  • Users can register and track the agreements they have with generators
  • The annual quantity of food received can be automatically reported to your host city or county
  • Non-profit organzations can use this service at no cost
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