What does registration mean and require?

The cities or county in which your organization is located has to maintain a list of the food recovery organizations within their jurisdiction. By registering with 1383-STATS, your organization will automatically appear on your host city or county's list. You will also have access to the recordkeeping tools that will enable you to comply with SB1383:

  • Enter the names and contact information of the edible food generators with which you have arranged contracts or agreements
  • Report your food recovery capacity to your host city or county
  • Enter the quantities of edible food received from each of edible food generator
  • Generate reports by generator, month, or year of the food donations that you have received
  • Automatically report the total annual quantity of food received to your host city or county
What's Next?
After we receive your request, we will set up your account and send you the username and password for your organization. You can use the login link on this page or any of the 1383-STATS pages to login.

What is the Cost
There is no cost for non-profit organizations to register with 1383-STATS or use this service.